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5 Social Media Strategies You Must *not* Avoid
Posted by k | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 21-11-2014
Since my comment got deleted, here’s my reply to John Chow guest post:
#1: Trying to Follow Just To Be Followed
It’s the most effective way of getting new followers. Choose people on your area and keep deleting the ones who don’t follow you back.
#2: Not Optimizing Before Sharing
Don’t lose precious time optimizing. Share the most you can.
#3: Selling Directly To Your Audience
Cut the crap. You’re on this to make money, right? Don’t sell and others will.
#4: Posting Anytime
Post anytime you can. Don’t wait for the perfect time to post. Everyone is posting on the “perfect time”. Don’t follow the sheep.
#5: Too Many Social Buttons to Your Site
Add all the buttons you can. New networks are getting popular everyday and might surprise you with the results.
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Black Hat ASO
Posted by k | Posted in Black Hat, Black Hat ASO, Facebook, Link Building, Make Money, SEO | Posted on 26-10-2014
First there was Google. Hey, we’ve created a new search engine, the more backlinks your site has the more visits you get. Go get backlinks! Black hat seo was born. Later they killed it. Want to reach SERP top? Go buy adwords.
Then there was Facebook. Hey, we’ve created a new social engine, the more likes your page has the more visits you get. Go get likes! Linkbaiting and clickjacking was born. Later they killed it. Want to reach EDGE top? Go buy boost ads.
Now we have apps. I have yet to build my first app, but I have already started reading and learning on how to assemble and market apps. Also seems like the first black hat community is born. A good old friend of mine has invited me to this new forum on ASO, App Store Optimization. Of course it had to be Black Hat. It’s called Black Hat ASO.
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Pangu Jailbreak, the unofficial faq
Posted by k | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 04-07-2014
The Chinese team Pangu recently released an universal jailbreak for iOS 7.11 and 7.12. Only an iPhone 4 jailbreak was available prior to this. There are many guides online, but there are undocumented issues I have found that I don’t see written anywhere. That’s why I wrote this.
Additional Steps for a successful installation
Disable pass-code, Wi-Fi and iCloud
Click on the Pangu App as soon as you see it (second page)
After the reboot, you need to open the Pangu app again
Do *not* delete the Pangu App if the jailbreak failed and you need to retry
The timeout problem
Many users are getting the red timeout error. To prevent this, on a
Slow/old Phone: You can, and should disconnect your phone when rebooting during the jailbreak process, and only connect it back when the phone is fully rebooted and stable
Slow/old computer: Disable itunes autoload+sync and/or use a faster computer
Also be sure there is not a windows pending response on your iPhone during the process
Never-ending boot loop
Don’t panic in case you’re trapped on the loop boot. Just wait, as the loop will stop and reverse to prior state after a couple of attempts. If not, use Pangu 1.1. Pangu version 1.0 rocks, since it uses i0n1c’s bug.
The right way to do it
There’s only one way to do it without any issues:
1. Backup your iPhone
2. Load a clean .ipsw from itunes (Option+Click on “Check for Update” for Mac users, Alt+Click for Windows users or Shift+Click for older iTunes versions)
3. Restore from Backup
4. Disable WIFI, if restoring from iCloud
4. Jailbreak
Check caches failed issue
Close iTunes. Retry.
Already jailbreaked problem
This is a very common issue. There are people reporting very different hints on how to solve this. Some say “try later” as Pangu might be having problems accessing their servers to call home.
Others say, use a different computer. One think is certain, using version 1.0 you can retry every time you want, and in case it fails, the flag is cleared and you can use 1.1 again.
Apps disappeared
Don’t worry, it’s just the icons. They will be back slowly once the phone rebuilds the index.
Do *not* delete com.apple.mobile.installation.plist. If you do this, the sync might very well fail and you will not get your apps back.
Can’t access raw from USB as before (as in i-Funbox)
Install saurik’s “Apple File Conduit 2″ from Cydia
Note: Using i-FunBox you wont be able to write to applications using the shortcut link on the side menu. Wait for an update. In the meanwhile, use direct path /private/var/mobile/Applications to do the same.
Syncing never finishes
And you also get prompts for passwords from strange Apple IDs? Most probably you had appsync and installed some apps without using your own Apple ID… delete those or the sync will never finish.
The new AppSync is here: https://github.com/angelXwind/AppSync
Don’t use it for piracy! If coders don’t get rewarded for their work, why would they do it in the first place? And then who will create the games you love to play?
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Adsense Quality Rating
Posted by k | Posted in Adsense, Make Money | Posted on 18-08-2011
Got one of my sites banned, first Adsense not showing, then deindexed. It was responsible for only about 10% of my total Adsense revenue. No other sites got any penalty.
From that day on, my Adsense revenue dropped 70%. NOT 10%, as expected, but around 70%!
Reason? My “Adsense Quality Rating” plummet. Its the second time this happens and the first time it took me more than a year to get a good quality rating back. But I could easily noticed when my good rating was back: revenue suddenly jumped 200% without any change in traffic.
Thank God, Adsense is currently only a small slice of my income pie.
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Google’s using click rate for SEO: secret is out
Posted by k | Posted in Black Hat, Link Building, SEO | Posted on 10-08-2011
Now that SeoMoz’s Randfish finally posted what I have been saying for 3 years now, the secret is out of the box. Rank asked his friends on social networks to search for a term and click on his girlfriend’s website.
He got top position, Google found out about it and nulled his efforts. His conclusion: zero.
I can tell you I have had great results in the past using this. As I said in my post from 2008, I usually use Amazon’s mechanical turk to do this.
Using proxies, they search and click on my terms. I log every traffic referred by Google and them have a script to compare the IPs with the logs they send.
Is is important they start on Google’s page 1 that’s why I’ve convinced them there’s a parameter on the Google query url that shows how many page they have visited before the click.
One last thing: you need to refresh our campaigns from time to time, or else you will serp drop.
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Black Hat Facebook Link Building II
Posted by k | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 10-05-2011
As you all know, or should, a good choice of anchor text keywords is central on any good link building SEO strategy.
Now you can do the same on Facebook Link Building. You can use any anchor keyword to link back to your page.
Facebook allows a user to tag their friends on their comment system (status update and wall comment). You can do this by simply typing @ followed by any letter and a list of your friends with that particular letter will pop up.
There is, however, a way to create these links with any keyword you choose to. Just use this format to comment:
@@[0:[123456789:0:keyword_or_url]] And your comment
Replacing 123456789 with your page, group or friend ID
Replacing keyword_or_url with your keyword or url
And adding your comment
Best part is that this works even if they are not your friends!
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Black Hat Facebook Link Building
Posted by k | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 24-03-2011
Forget black hat link building, that’s so 2005. Now, it’s all about Facebook and there’s a new yet almost unexplored like building method that can do miracles for targeted traffic.
Facebook launched two month ago a ‘Use Facebook as Page’ feature that allows people to assume the identity of a page so they can like, post, and comment around everywhere.
As you can choose whatever name you want for your page, just imagine the quality of the links you can get on liking other people’s posts or comments.
Best part is that since there is no option to remove likes or ban those who like any Facebook feed item, the targeted user can’t delete the links, and their only option is to report the Page as spam and wait for Facebook to address the issue, which could take ages, if ever.

Just don’t abuse this. You’re not a like spammer, are you?
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Aftermarket.com: Pumping And Dumping their own inventory on you!
Posted by k | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 02-03-2011
Aftermarket.com’s Domain Roundtable live auction will happen today in the Bahamas.
Lots of domain investors will run after the inventory of stocks being auctioned expecting some good deals. I took a deeper look.
Did you know that, from the 60 domains on auction, almost 20 belong to Warren Royal? ONE in every THREE domains on the list! Michael Frederick name pops up a lot also on the whois, and there are lots of PO boxes and private ids. They are marking up and pulling in their horns.
As I’ve alerted before, The Secondary Domain Market is a Giant Ponzi Scheme Pyramid and this is just a clear evidence to add on.
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Google’s tutorial on how to fake your rankings on Bing
Posted by k | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 02-02-2011
Google has ran a sting operation busting Bing copying it’s results, the covert operation involved artificially ranking pages for several terms nobody were searching for and returned no matches on both Google and Bing.
Google then created fake searches asking Google staff to use Bing Toolbar and Internet Explorer Suggested Sites features and click the artificially ranked page in Google which Bing copied, proving their case.
Two thoughts from this little experiment: first, and as I’ve posted here TWO YEARS, your behavior is being monitored and used to rank pages! Google has now publically admitted that is the case. Second, they also admitted to have the tools to artificially rank pages, as if we didn’t know.
Read the full article on SearchEngineLand in detail, between the lines there is a full black hat guide on how to fake your rankings using toolbars. Thanks Google!
BTW: In case you’re wondering, I use the Iron browser.
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Facebook like farming
Posted by k | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 04-09-2010
Facebook SEO got a real new magnitude jump yesterday, since web page results are now showing on Facebook search top box!

Thus and, in case you still didn’t start building your own like farm, put all your other projects on hold and go do it right now!
Facebook SEO is now like 90’s Google SEO was, it’s all there for anyone to easily conquer! You can easily have #1 for a top keyword with a couple of likes!
And the best way to exponentially grow your like farm is to FORCE people to like your pages.
The idea is similar to what you already do with cpalead: just offer something, I mean something!, like no waiting time to read something, IF they like a page your propose. (Could be any page)
In order to do so, you need not to use the classic Facebook iframe like code, but instead use XFBML and capture the FB.Event.subscribe.
Luckily, Sascha Kimmel has written a very easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to do this.