Black Hat Facebook Link Building

Posted by k | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 24-03-2011

Forget black hat link building, that’s so 2005. Now, it’s all about Facebook and there’s a new yet almost unexplored like building method that can do miracles for targeted traffic.

Facebook launched two month ago a ‘Use Facebook as Page’ feature that allows people to assume the identity of a page so they can like, post, and comment around everywhere.

As you can choose whatever name you want for your page, just imagine the quality of the links you can get on liking other people’s posts or comments.

Best part is that since there is no option to remove likes or ban those who like any Facebook feed item, the targeted user can’t delete the links, and their only option is to report the Page as spam and wait for Facebook to address the issue, which could take ages, if ever.

Just don’t abuse this. You’re not a like spammer, are you?

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