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Facebook SEO got a real new magnitude jump yesterday, since web page results are now showing on Facebook search top box!

Thus and, in case you still didn’t start building your own like farm, put all your other projects on hold and go do it right now!

Facebook SEO is now like 90’s Google SEO was, it’s all there for anyone to easily conquer! You can easily have #1 for a top keyword with a couple of likes!

And the best way to exponentially grow your like farm is to FORCE people to like your pages.

The idea is similar to what you already do with cpalead: just offer something, I mean something!, like no waiting time to read something, IF they like a page your propose. (Could be any page)

In order to do so, you need not to use the classic Facebook iframe like code, but instead use XFBML and capture the FB.Event.subscribe.

Luckily, Sascha Kimmel has written a very easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to do this.

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  1. Wow… this post popped up out of nowhere in my reader… it’s been a while. Looks good… I’ll be trying it with jQuery… thanks!

  2. How come I can see this without liking?

  3. This is hot, now how the fuck do you do this without pissing people off? For example I have an image website where people want the images, so could easily force people to Like the pages in order to reveal the images… But surely that’d piss people right off? Also it means return visitors surely will get fcked off with it!! Any ideas?

  4. But how many people actually search for websites via facebook search ? I never did that.

  5. […] media marketing on the site – the setting up of fake profiles being used for fans, and “like farming“, in comparison with Google, which has been trying to address black-hat Search Engine […]

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