Google’s tutorial on how to fake your rankings on Bing

Posted by k | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 02-02-2011

Google has ran a sting operation busting Bing copying it’s results, the covert operation involved artificially ranking pages for several terms nobody were searching for and returned no matches on both Google and Bing.

Google then created fake searches asking Google staff to use Bing Toolbar and Internet Explorer Suggested Sites features and click the artificially ranked page in Google which Bing copied, proving their case.

Two thoughts from this little experiment: first, and as I’ve posted here TWO YEARS, your behavior is being monitored and used to rank pages! Google has now publically admitted that is the case. Second, they also admitted to have the tools to artificially rank pages, as if we didn’t know.

Read the full article on SearchEngineLand in detail, between the lines there is a full black hat guide on how to fake your rankings using toolbars. Thanks Google!

BTW: In case you’re wondering, I use the Iron browser.

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