Google’s using click rate for SEO: secret is out

Posted by k | Posted in Black Hat, Link Building, SEO | Posted on 10-08-2011

Now that SeoMoz’s Randfish finally posted what I have been saying for 3 years now, the secret is out of the box. Rank asked his friends on social networks to search for a term and click on his girlfriend’s website.
He got top position, Google found out about it and nulled his efforts. His conclusion: zero.

I can tell you I have had great results in the past using this. As I said in my post from 2008, I usually use Amazon’s mechanical turk to do this.

Using proxies, they search and click on my terms. I log every traffic referred by Google and them have a script to compare the IPs with the logs they send.

Is is important they start on Google’s page 1 that’s why I’ve convinced them there’s a parameter on the Google query url that shows how many page they have visited before the click.

One last thing: you need to refresh our campaigns from time to time, or else you will serp drop.

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  1. Its posts like this I’m glad I subscribed to your RSS. Testing this out as we speak.

    Hit me up if you wanna discuss methods for automation.

  2. How many ‘turks’ do you need for this to be effective?

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