Javascript FaceBook Auto Friend Add for iMacros

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Black Hat SEO used to be about link building, the more the best. Now it’s all about friends.
Even Google, on its search pages results, now shows the tweets from the people with more followers on top.
It’s crucial to start working on gathering a lot of friends, the black hat way, of course.

Here’s a simple Javascript you can use on iMacros to auto add friends from application walls.

Open the file and change the configuration settings. It’s pretty easy to run.
This works best if you create the Facebook accounts with sexy female names and pictures.
You should also play a little of Mafia Wars or the Facebook application you choose to attack, prior to running the script.

As a bonus tip, you can also find the big groups dedicated to that application and use that id on the script. Don’t forget to change the mobInviteMessage to something like “add me lvl xxx”. (lvl means level and xxx is a number)
For instance, for Mafia Wars: or 92696586274 or 123756645559

And the best part of this is that they will be the ones inviting you to be their friends and not the opposite, so, you’re in peace with Facebook!

Get the file here: FaceBook Auto Friend Add

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  1. When i try to run this file i get
    SyntaxError: missing ; before statement, line: 70

    I configured the .js file but I don’t understand the page number part. I left it as 2.

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