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You got your domains; you’ve developed some easy sort of MFA sites and guess what? Nobody pays you a visit.

Yes, you need some SEO. But as a Black Hat, I won’t give you the same build links and get some original on topic content. Of course that’s important, but let me tell you some new and still not overused tricks:


In case you still didn’t notice, Google Webmaster Tools now tracks the number of your RSS feed subscribers you have. And having a large subscription base can easily shoot your articles rankings up. The magic number seems to be at least 25 for most things; however, if you can get this number well over 50, it won’t be very hard to get highly competitive article themes way up in the rankings.

But how do I boost my subscriptions you now ask. No, it’s no good to Photoshop your feedburner widget. Instead, let’s try some online rss readers. Just create several Gmail accounts use each account to subscribe to your own rss feed. Use as many online readers, aggregators you may find like Netvibes. How do you think Shoemoney got that overnight boost on rss subscribers on the dispute with John Chow?

Feedburner hacked! from Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten on Vimeo.


Google is using a comprehensive measure of how of your pages bounce rate and takes into account when calculating your overall rankings. If you’re pages are bouncing over 80 percent of the time back to the search results, it’s highly likely that the rankings will either be demoted or drop off completely. Between 50 and 60 percent seems to be the average that keeps a site ranked and consistent. However, if you can get the site to bounce less than 20 percent, you’ll be performing in the top percentile and consistently rank well.

Again how can you improve your bounce rate you may ask? No, it’s not enough to show some great boobs! Instead you need to JavaScript disable the back button on your sites! That will prevent people from going back to the search results.

Browse the web for several ways to do this, here’s a nice one for Firefox from Jeremiah Grossman.
Homework: discover how Shoemoney does it for Opera… it’s on one of the .js files he loads…


The People Flood tactic, has been in use for a very long time now, and is still very effective. What this tricks does is simple: a bunch of people search for your keywords and clicks on your pages.

The best and most effective way to do this is using an iframed Google xss injection on a high traffic site. However nowadays it’s very hard to find a Google xss and the ones found stay unpatched for a very short time. But why do you need a xss? Because G now uses a token to track your cookie.

So that leaves you not many choices but to use cheap human labor. Amazon’s mechanical turk is one of the options.

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  1. Are you claiming that google is actually ranking based on bounce rate or is this just theory? If so, what proof to do have?

  2. Lanzera: Yes, I am.

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