The million dollar homepage story uncovered

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Patrick made an excellent post about “ How to use fake news to promote a website”.

I really enjoy reading it as everyone knows that, but very few post about it. And even less post about how the Million Dollar Homepage was not a lucky strike but a very detailed laid down scheme.

You know I am free to talk about this, because almost unlike no other blogs, this one DOES NOT HAVE ANY ADS, so I am not trying to sell you any idea or any shit thing.

How do spot the faking “just got rich” news? You don’t, at least till they start to vainglory themselves on areas you are expertise on! I am lot into domains, as you know, and when some of those make-money-online-follow-me-I-am-the-best post the usual monthly record breaking earning report and split it apart by elements: adsense, affiliates, link ads, subscriptions, domains, and you see things like 50 parked domains: $5000 revenue, you roll on the floor laughing! If that was the case, that dude would be a well know domainer because he would have a portfolio of domains worth millions, lol! Jeremy puts it right: “When all else fails just lie”

Back to the Million Dollar Homepage, now what I, Patrick, you and everyone want to know from day one is who was the PR?! I want to hire him also!

I have done some research on this and I think it was a friend of his father and both he and his dad made it all out while Alex kept going to school and having a regular teenage life.

Of course PR secrecy was part of the scheme or else it would have not worked out the way it did. So we might never find who he really was, only the first journalists contacted know the truth.

Hey mister journalists out there, this would do a great story: “The million dollar homepage story uncovered”

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