Why Black Hat Domainer?

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This is my first post. Having been a SEO for some years and wondering on the grey/dark side for some months, I come to realise something: the real only thing, a SEO could never emulate or manipulate to his own advantage is a DOMAIN NAME!

You can have the perfectly markoved content and the most well washed links ever for your new games site, but you can never, ever, have games.com. Of course we are not after games.com, but how about gamesarcade.com or a similar one? Those domains are not cheap, so when you put a site on it, you must be serious about it. Search engines know that also and, faced with so many auto scam-scripted created pages, will be increasingly giving more value to it. Think about it, who would pay a bunch of money for a good domain just to lay a bot created doorway-site on it? We Will! That’s the idea behind this blog.

There are ways to get dropped domains real cheap, there are trends on domains you should now and there are scripts you could run to find great available domains. We will be posting here all the tips, tricks and secrets all good SEO should know about domains and all good Domainer should know about Black Hat SEO techniques. What you want find here is tutorials, guides, or list of best . Information that is everywhere has no place here. Information that is everywhere has no value to BHSEO. Information that is everywhere has no value to BHDomainers, because others have already used it to grab the best domains.

Welcome to the first blog of a Black Hat Domainer.

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  1. Sounds like an excellent concept to me. Although the phrase”black hat” tends to have a negative connotation to it, there are a plethora of techniques and strategies that I have seen in this sector which could help everyone.

    Embracing the internet as a whole can only make you stronger. I’m looking forward to read through your blog.

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