You’re a Black Hat Seo? You’re going to jail: security industry sees Black Hat Seos as criminals!

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So you think you’re a real Black Hat Seo? Then, what does “SEO poisoning”, “SEO poisoned page” or “blackhat SEO kit” means?

Well, that’s what the other side calls out little tools. Here’s a translation so that you can read here or this nice new report from Shopos here:

  • SEO page: Keyword optimized page
  • SEO kit: Auto content creation script
  • SEO poisoning: SEO optimizing a page
  • SEO poisoned page: SEO optimized page
  • Search engine crawler: Spider bot

Hey, Shopos,CA: Black Hat Seos are not crooks. 95% of the Black Hat Seos I know of don’t do malware. The security industry is looking at this in a completely wrong “poisoned” perspective.

These crooks are using Black Hat tools to get traffic, to find people, that’s all. Just as they are using everything else on the net that can bring them people, like mail spam, torrents, emule, instant messaging, whatever. Unless you think mail or IM are evil also?!

They are just playing Google. Why don’t you blame Google instead? You easily blame Facebook when it allows shitty app to spread malware. Now why is Google different? Not in traffic size, last time I checked.

They have created “Black Hat Seo” categories on their security blogs alongside with real bad stuff like Rootkits. I have to be honest in the end I can still take some advantage from this. I have subscribed to their RSS feeds and learned some new tricks, like the fake PDF which is a simple HTML with links (EVIL!), and that has been used lately to gain link juice from Scribd.

Security experts please realign your ideas correctly: one can put links anywhere, one can drive traffic for those links in many possible ways, what matters is what’s on the other side of those links!

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  1. Obviously, there aint much investigation on what Black Hat Seo is.

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